Definition of that said in English:

that said


  • Even so (introducing a concessive statement)

    ‘It's just a gimmick. That said, I'd love to do it’
    • ‘All that said, the scenes which did stay more true to the novel were really funny and well done.’
    • ‘All that said, who could not feel more than a pang of nostalgia for the seventies when watching the documentary?’
    • ‘With that said, check out the list, and be sure to take a look at our honourable mentions too.’
    • ‘All that said, the changes are much more sweeping than has been generally understood.’
    • ‘Of course, that said, I would wholeheartedly support and help direct a gaming forum were it to be created.’
    • ‘Although that said, this year it was just me and my sister battling with the tubs of old baubles.’
    • ‘Ok, that said, I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed in the outcome of this election.’
    • ‘All that said, I love your work and maybe I'll see you in San Diego next year.’
    • ‘With that said, it makes you wonder why such development projects get the green light.’
    • ‘However, with that said, he's the fastest gun in the west and always wins a fight.’
    in spite of everything, in spite of that, nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, be that as it may, for all that, despite everything, despite that, after everything, having said that, that said, just the same, all the same, at the same time, in any event, come what may, at any rate, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow
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