Definition of that's my boy (or girl)! in English:

that's my boy (or girl)!


  • Used as an expression of encouragement or admiration.

    ‘Papa beamed, "That's my boy!"’
    ‘Thorn gave me an approving look. "That's my girl!"’
    • ‘Tall, lean, all in black, that's my boy!’
    • ‘A voice from overhead was heard saying, 'That's my boy!'!’
    • ‘Papa beamed, "That's my boy!"’
    • ‘I thought, "that's my boy! "’
    • ‘Look at him, that's my boy!’
    • ‘He was at every one cheering me on, saying "That's my boy!"’
    • ‘Mother smiled a wry smile as she bounced around in the coach, and said to him, "That's my boy!"’
    • ‘Parents always push kids into sports, so they can crow "that's my boy!"’
    • ‘There were some other people around looking at us; Tyrone just said that's my boy!’
    • ‘When I announced that I'd be bringing a Provençal salt cod tart, Kate responded with resounding approval - that's my girl!’