Definition of that's life in English:

that's life


  • An expression of one's acceptance of a situation, however difficult.

    ‘we'll miss each other, but still, that's life’
    • ‘I might think up another idea for a show or a song and I don't let rejections put me off because that's life.’
    • ‘We certainly can't complain on how the place is built because that's life.’
    • ‘Yes, we do rotate some around a bit, but that's life.’
    • ‘It has been pretty difficult, but that's life, isn't it?’
    • ‘Most of the time we don't manage it, but that's life; communication is a difficult business.’
    • ‘My close friends have been very supportive of my modelling, but some of them have been difficult, but I guess that's life.’
    • ‘Even in training my team-mates go all out to get me, but that's life.’
    • ‘But that's life, you have just got to get on with it and I'm happy where I am just now.’
    • ‘One approach is to accept that that's life, and people have to make choices for themselves and their kids.’
    • ‘It just did not happen for us on the day but then that's life.’
    the way of the world, the world, the way things go, the way of it, the human condition, the times we live in, the usual state of affairs, the school of hard knocks
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