Definition of that's it in English:

that's it


  • 1That is the main point or difficulty.

    ‘‘Is she going?’ ‘That's just it—she can't make up her mind.’’
    • ‘I did not tell the truth when I should have done and that's it, sir.’
    • ‘Montoya is harder to get past than Schumacher, and that's it really.’
    • ‘Their behaviour was - that's it - more American than British.’
    • ‘‘That's just it,’ says Mike, ‘We can do so much more than just sing’.’
  • 2That is enough or the end.

    ‘okay, that's it, you've cried long enough’
    • ‘If you have so many complaints against your name then that's it.’
    • ‘If things work well, I'm hoping for maybe a longer contract, and if not, well, that's it.’
    • ‘Well, that's it for this edition of the program.’
    • ‘And now Robbie's on the radio… that's it, I'm off to bed.’
    • ‘He has given them six weeks to get it together - and that's it.’
    • ‘I'm meeting the lads for a couple of drinks in the union - and that's it.’
    • ‘I might have a cuppa and a biscuit but that's it until my evening meal, and by then I'm past it and don't want anything.’
    • ‘Dr Kernohan said: ‘If this fails we're going to have to do some hard thinking, and one option is just to move on and say, that's it.’’
    • ‘I think that, having dived all the main wrecks, that's it for the Key Largo part of my trip.’
    • ‘‘The police investigation is ongoing and that's it,’ said the spokesman, who refused to further comment.’