Definition of thanks in English:


plural noun

  • 1An expression of gratitude:

    ‘festivals were held to give thanks for the harvest’
    ‘a letter of thanks’
    • ‘All were there to give thanks for their survival and to pay tribute to those who never returned from the beaches.’
    • ‘He smiled back at her and acknowledged her thanks with a nod of his head.’
    • ‘It came back on about half an hour earlier than predicted, so I suppose I can give thanks for that.’
    • ‘Please pass to Anna my thanks and gratitude for being such a good friend.’
    • ‘Mr Hill insists he has received no recent complaints and has even been sent a letter of thanks from the forum.’
    • ‘It is a joyful celebration in which Bolivians give thanks for their freedom as a nation.’
    • ‘We can give thanks and words of appreciation to others for their kind deeds done to us.’
    • ‘There were no thanks in the letter from him, just complaints and accusations.’
    • ‘This was a very generous response from the community and thanks are extended to all who contributed.’
    • ‘Tom Ryan was given a bottle of wine as a thanks for his active involvement in the twinning project.’
    • ‘Gerry has received a letter of thanks from the charity for his part in helping to raise this much needed cash.’
    • ‘His son sent a special letter of thanks which was read out at the ceremony.’
    • ‘Grateful thanks have been extended to the people of the region for their generous contributions.’
    • ‘Citizens packed the quay and bells rang as she landed and went straight to the nearest church to give thanks for her safe arrival.’
    • ‘To them and to those who have supported the office I extend my grateful thanks.’
    • ‘She has never once acknowledged my thanks, or existence for that matter.’
    • ‘We have nothing but admiration for the staff at Lease Hill and wish to extend our gratitude and thanks.’
    • ‘It would be easy to dwell on the animals that Tasmania has lost, but I prefer to give thanks for what remains.’
    • ‘The collection, as usual, received a great response and thanks is extended to all who subscribed.’
    • ‘My grateful thanks go to the funders who made it possible for me to travel.’
    • ‘Hundreds turned out to pay tribute to a beloved former headteacher at a memorial service to give thanks for her life.’
    • ‘There have been regular letters of thanks from charities and people who have been helped by unknown members of the public.’
    gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation
    acknowledgement, recognition, credit, hat tip
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    1. 1.1
      ‘thanks for being so helpful’
      another way of saying thank you
      ‘many thanks’
      • ‘And thanks for warning us that your secret service requires a motorcade of more than 35 cars.’
      • ‘I don't think it's nearly good enough to get published though, but thanks for such a compliment.’
      • ‘Suzanne, thanks for being so supportive with your comments on my blog.’
      • ‘Adam, thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to be with us tonight.’
      • ‘So thanks for your reply to that guy who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about it.’
      • ‘No, thanks; I'm Not Hungry.’
      • ‘Many thanks for your advice, which as you can see, I have passed on to our readers.’
      • ‘This was much appreciated and thanks once again to the ladies who looked after the catering.’
      • ‘In short, thanks for everything that makes this city great this Thanksgiving.’
      • ‘Many thanks for the kind comments in the guestbook and also by email.’
      • ‘So, even though I don't think the photos are that good, thanks for the compliments!’
      • ‘Anyway, thanks for sending me a copy of the essay you want my advice on.’
      • ‘I appreciate your doing so, and thanks also for the compliments about the photos!’
      • ‘There are far too many people in the band to answer that but thanks for asking.’
      • ‘Again, thanks for a well written and much deserved tribute to our good friend George.’
      • ‘Anyways thanks for the compliment; I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story.’
      • ‘All you secretaries who made it this far into the article… thanks for your patience.’
      • ‘Many thanks for the reply but as much as I tried to follow your advice, it's been a bad week.’
      • ‘Thank you very much for wanting to go on reading, and thanks for your understanding.’
      • ‘Many thanks for your response and for your generous offer of help.’


  • no thanks to

    • Used to convey that someone has failed to contribute to, or has hindered, a successful outcome:

      ‘we've won, but no thanks to you’
      • ‘But jailing him for a year Recorder Christopher Mather said: ‘It is no thanks to you that no one was killed or injured whether that be your passengers or other road users.’’
      • ‘It is no thanks to you that you are not standing here on more serious charges.’
      • ‘Well, I found a flat anyway, no thanks to any of the university support stuff, and I lived there for 18 months, and it was great.’
      • ‘I arrived at the store a harrowing thirty minutes later, no thanks to the driver in front of me.’
      • ‘And, of course, if he is let's not forget it will be no thanks to our president.’
      • ‘It was no thanks to your driving that only you got hurt.’
      • ‘She is doing fine now, thank God, but it's no thanks to the lack of facilities for transport and radiotherapy.’
      • ‘It's a miracle we've escaped another hit, and it's no thanks to anything these clowns have done.’
      • ‘Judge Gullick told him: ‘It is no thanks to you that these 23 people escaped with their lives.’’
      • ‘And if they did, it was certainly no thanks to me.’
  • thanks a lot

    • 1informal Used to express a great deal of gratitude to someone:

      ‘thanks a lot for all your help’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for all the encouragements!’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for the opportunity to do this interview.’
      • ‘Tony, thanks a lot for having me on the show today.’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for your generous words, Charlie!’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for your brilliant work though, which I am very grateful for.’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for all of your advice.’
      • ‘Thanks a lot for the nice things you say about Bob.’
      • ‘Thanks a lot to everyone for the care and concern!’
      1. 1.1Used ironically to express annoyance at someone who is to blame for something:
        ‘thanks a lot for wasting my time’
        • ‘He didn't accept my dental insurance. Gee, thanks a lot.’
        • ‘Thanks a lot. You have essentially sold out your field solely for the purpose of self-promotion.’
        • ‘Thanks a lot for helping him perpetrate his immoral, illegal war on innocent people.’
        • ‘I hate my laugh; thanks a lot guys for bringing my insecurity about it to a new level.’
        • ‘Thanks a lot for those sleepless nights.’
  • thanks a million

    • informal Thank you very much.

      • ‘Once again, thanks a million to all of you.’
      • ‘Incidentally, thanks a million to my contributors, whoever you are.’
      • ‘Once again, thanks a million for the support and advice.’
      • ‘It's really nice of everyone, though, so thanks a million!’
      • ‘I would just like to finish by saying thanks a million to all the staff; they are a credit to the Royal Bolton Hospital and to the town of Bolton and surrounding areas.’
      • ‘‘Oh, thanks a million,’ I responded, and glanced over at Ms. Schaeffer again.’
      • ‘Hi, Lynn, thanks a million for babysitting for me this Sunday.’
      • ‘Anyhow, thanks a million for the comments left on my blog about getting well soon!’
      • ‘And thanks a million for helping me clear my name.’
      • ‘Anyway, thanks a million, Steve; I really needed a good review to boost my urge to write.’
      thank you, many thanks, thanks very much, thanks a lot, thank you kindly, much obliged, much appreciated, bless you
      cheers, thanks a million
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  • thanks to

    • As a result of; due to:

      ‘it's thanks to you that he's in this mess’
      • ‘It was very painful when I first did it, but it's a lot easier now thanks to the painkillers.’
      • ‘She was never far from the public eye thanks to Jack's tireless interest in politics.’
      • ‘Subsequently he has become an icon thanks to the most famous poster of all time.’
      • ‘Once you have read about them, you can even set off and find them thanks to a series of local walks and maps.’
      • ‘I ended up walking about a mile out of my way, thanks to following the instructions given.’
      • ‘We have discovered great chunks of Suffolk we'd never have seen at all thanks to Geoff.’
      • ‘A college is to carry out a complete refurbishment of one of its rooms thanks to help from a grant.’
      • ‘Historic church buildings in Darwen and Bury are set to get a new lease of life thanks to a cash boost.’
      • ‘Do you think that thanks to my confusion over this unsolicited piece of email I am now a marked man?’
      • ‘Families had an insight into the history of the village thanks to a pair of archaeologists.’
      as a result of, owing to, due to, because of, through, by reason of, as a consequence of, in consequence of, on account of, by virtue of, by dint of
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Old English thancas, plural of thanc ‘(kindly) thought, gratitude’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dank and German Dank, also to think.