Definition of thank someone kindly in English:

thank someone kindly


  • Thank someone very much.

    • ‘Then yes, I am going to eat it, and I'll thank you kindly to let me eat it in peace.’
    • ‘‘The Boss thanks you kindly for your assistance,’ the stranger concluded.’
    • ‘Mostly I dozed, very happily, thank you kindly. ‘Sleep is the best medicine,’ my mother used to say, and I reckon she wasn't far wrong.’
    • ‘‘Time for your bed, milady,’ the maid told her in a soft tone, and her mistress thanked her kindly before slipping between the sheets, expertly warmed with a copper bedpan.’
    • ‘The results are on the front page and we thank her kindly.’
    • ‘We only have so much patience time, so we thanked him kindly for his efforts and moved on.’
    • ‘And working beneath a pair of backstabbers like you and my stepsister just isn't in the cards for me, Ronald, although I do thank you kindly for the offer.’
    • ‘I thank you kindly, Lord Roane, for your services.’
    • ‘Please let us know what you think, and as always, thank you kindly for reading.’
    • ‘All I can say is thank you kindly for all your patience and continued support.’