Definition of thank one's lucky stars in English:

thank one's lucky stars


  • Feel grateful for one's good fortune.

    • ‘You certainly thank your lucky stars for what you've got when you see the kind of poverty a lot of people live in.’
    • ‘Instead, everyone will greet each day with a cheerful heart and a song on their lips, thanking their lucky stars for living in this fine historic city.’
    • ‘Bullock thanks her lucky stars that she had been working for a number of years before hitting the Hollywood jackpot.’
    • ‘Michael, 54, has been left thanking his lucky stars for being a ‘big bloke’ after he found himself jammed in the hole created - protecting him from a much longer fall into a disused cellar.’
    • ‘The couple are thanking their lucky stars because, if the crash had happened minutes earlier, Sarah and daughter Tegan, two, would have been in the lounge when the car crashed.’
    • ‘If you do have to work, then thank your lucky stars that you have an afternoon off to spend with a book.’
    • ‘A family from Burbage, near Marlborough, are thanking their lucky stars that a meteorological ‘kink’ spared their new holiday home in Florida from the ravages of the recent Hurricane Charley.’
    • ‘Mellisa thanks her lucky stars for having attended St Joseph's Convent where the many extra-curricular activities - drama, singing, elocution, poetry - helped tremendously in developing her talent.’
    • ‘There we wrapped ourselves in the great white robes, flopped on the giant bed, and thanked our lucky stars that we were already home and dry, instead of out on the streets fighting our way back to some place miles away from the action.’
    • ‘We just thank our lucky stars that she is still with us and is doing so well in her recovery.’