Definition of thali in English:



  • 1A set meal at an Indian restaurant.

    • ‘Lunch it is at a hotel in the town, a filling South Indian thali.’
    • ‘The kitchen cooks almost no beef and only a couple of seafood dishes, but at lunchtime, they serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali, a taste plate of curries and other concoctions.’
    • ‘If you want a more relaxed approach, then the pantry provides delicious thalis at your seat via your personal bearer.’
    • ‘The Ghandi special thali was apparently designed to act as a taster of a number of classic Indian dishes - seekh kebab, chicken tikka, samosa, onion bhaji and tandoori chicken.’
    • ‘The lunch is priced at Rs.325 plus taxes for a vegetarian thali and Rs.375 plus taxes for non-vegetarian thali, while dinner would be a la Carta menu.’
    • ‘At the other end of the spectrum, you have backstreet Indians in the textile souk of Bastakia, where you can get an authentic Gujarati thali for £2 (they are easy to find, tucked among the fabric stalls).’
    • ‘We all ended up at Masala Zone for grand thalis and (Enid Blyton stylee) lashings of homemade lemonade.’
    • ‘We opt for non-vegetarian thali, mixed assorted appetizers-for-two and dahl soup.’
    • ‘The long menu runs from Mexican nachos with refried beans to Indian thalis, Greek salads and Middle Eastern meze.’
    • ‘For takeaways, I recommend the thalis: a varying selection of dishes which come with daal and chapattis.’
    • ‘The vegetarian thali offers a choice of cauliflower, potato or spinach, along with eggplant, daal or chickpeas.’
    • ‘There is also a variety of microwave cookware for steam cooking vegetables and spaghetti, Idli makers (for making big idlis and the mini sized ones), microwave thalis, milk boilers and so on.’
    • ‘Skipping its famous thali, I sampled the mithai at the ‘1916 Kesar ka Dhaba ’, tucked away in the intestine of an old bazaar.’
    1. 1.1 A metal plate on which Indian food is served.
      • ‘A typical Indian meal consists of five or six dishes, served all on a thali.’
      • ‘Spread in a thali and elevate slightly to remove the excess syrup.’
      • ‘As you might guess, the two options are both thalis, those metal plates with recessed sections for the various foodstuffs.’
      • ‘Meals are served on a thali, a metal tray on which roti, rice, and small bowls are placed.’
      • ‘She would put another roti on the floor next to the thali, say a prayer and sprinkle water on the roti.’
      • ‘Students had to provide their own steel thalis (big round plates with a rim) and steel tumblers.’
      • ‘These observations come from feasting on the mixed thali, a round stainless steel tray holding five bowls, each filled with its own treat.’
      • ‘At Golden Star, Chef Hemji Maharaj, who is the presiding deity of the kitchen, manages to pack in quite a bit of food in one thali.’
      • ‘As soon as the mixture begins to leave the sides of the handi, turn the mixture onto a greased thali and flatten it out evenly with a greased rolling pin.’
      • ‘No problem the trendy microwave thali enables you to heat the main food as well as the ‘sabjis’ all at a time.’
      • ‘When the dining room bell rang, you grabbed your thali and your tumbler and took it along with you.’


From Hindi thālī, from Sanskrit sthālī.