Definition of thaler in English:



  • A German silver coin.

    • ‘The nation's normal revenue for 1620 would have been 1.5 million silver thaler.’
    • ‘The decided amount was 400,000 thaler a year for five years.’
    • ‘The silver to make thalers was churned out at the great mine at Joachimsthal (now Jachymov, in what is now the Czech Republic).’
    • ‘If thaler got its name from the town where it was first minted, the British pound is a testimonial to the times when a coin was the standardised weight of a metal, and the name of the coin reflected the weight in some way.’
    • ‘This was a deal whereby the Junkers agreed to grant Frederick William 530,000 thalers in return for them having the right to rule their estates as they wished, free from any interference from Frederick William.’


German, earlier form of Taler (see dollar).