Definition of thale cress in English:

thale cress


  • A small white-flowered plant of north temperate regions, widely used in genetics experiments due to its small number of chromosomes and short life cycle.

    Arabidopsis thaliana, family Cruciferae

    • ‘For example, thale cress and rice are model species for dicots and monocots, respectively.’
    • ‘The annual thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana, has a complete life cycle of about 6-8 weeks.’
    • ‘Most of the recent experiments that have led to an understanding of how plants use light at those molecular levels were performed on Arabidopsis thaliana, the thale cress.’
    • ‘Now the scientists are in the process of moving each of about 50 genes into another model plant, thale cress, for more detailed studies of their function in plants.’
    • ‘In her Hilo laboratory, Matsumoto is currently fusing ancient knowledge of Chinese firecracker ingredients with contemporary discoveries from a plant called thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana.’
    • ‘She interbred her plants with experimental thale cress that had altered forms of these other interesting genes.’


Late 18th century: named after Johann Thal (1542–83), German physician.


thale cress