Definition of Thai in English:



  • Relating to Thailand, its people, or their language.

    • ‘And, being French-run, the resort's food and wine are outstanding; it even boasts two Thai chefs, who make the best tom yum soup this side of Bangkok.’
    • ‘Now Pauline wants to repay the generosity of the Thai people and is intending to return to Thailand on February 12.’
    • ‘Phayathai is one of those restaurants where you can order just about anything without going wrong - although the same could pretty much be said of Thai cuisine in general.’
    • ‘While not exactly a shopper's paradise or even a place to enlighten you about Thai culture, Koh Samui is nevertheless a bustling place and visitors should not run out of things to do.’
    • ‘Miss Goldring, the college's student president, decided she wanted to go to Thailand after developing a love of Thai culture.’
    • ‘Regular customers come from across the county to sample the sort of Thai food you get in Thailand rather than some dubious British hybrid.’
    • ‘Chilli is an essential ingredient in ethnic dishes such as Thai, Indian and Chinese.’
    • ‘The lime chicken burger with Thai coconut sauce, peppers and tomato is fragrantly sublime and the Asian potato and chickpea burger with mango raita and tomato is a vegetarian's delight.’
    • ‘He loved Thai culture and its people and was learning its language.’
    • ‘The menu includes a wide range of appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts along with the accompanying rice and noodles and a variety of Thai curries.’
    • ‘The first part of the concert will display the beauty and uniqueness of Thai music and arts from three distinctive regions of Thailand.’
    • ‘Other dishes include sizzling prawns, deep fried shredded beef with carrots, baked king prawns with garlic and butter, special Phad Thai noodles and red Thai chicken curry.’
    • ‘The temple is intended to be a focal point for the Thai community and local residents, and also for learning the Thai language and Thai culture and supporting people in need in the community.’
    • ‘As I have been so many times, and have a lot of Thai friends, I have picked up quite a bit of the Thai language.’
    • ‘His first year in Thailand was devoted to the study of the Thai language.’
    • ‘Thailand Exhibition 2002 will provide a forum for Thai companies to interact with a wide spectrum of Indian companies.’
    • ‘The inside of the restaurant is well-lit, without being harsh, and modestly decorated with the images of Thailand common to many Thai restaurants.’
    • ‘I have lived and worked in Thailand and find most Thai people tolerant and nonjudgmental in all areas of life.’
    • ‘While some specialise in Ayurvedic treatment and massages, others go for a hybrid combination of Thai massage using Ayurvedic oils and even electric vibrators.’
    • ‘Mrs Morris, a former English teacher in Thailand, said people could broaden their Thai vocabulary easily if they were prepared to put in the time.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Thailand.

    • ‘It's the same wondrous appreciation the 20-member Thai dance troupe evoked.’
    • ‘The fact is that thousands of Thais are entering our area from all parts of the nation for business and jobs.’
    • ‘Bangkok was an important port in colonial days, although Thailand itself was never colonised - a fact of which Thais are extremely proud.’
    • ‘For 50 years Thais and Filipinos have participated in cultural exchange, especially in the field of education.’
    • ‘Ordinary Thais across the nation have folded and written peace messages on the paper cranes in a campaign devised by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.’
    • ‘Krabi has 76 prefectures, with each containing Thais of Chinese descent.’
    • ‘Like the Power Pat members, a lot of Thais are growing up in a Japanese-influenced environment.’
    • ‘As Thais or other Asians become more involved in the global trade and global interaction of all kinds, they are beginning to assert their identities to the world.’
    • ‘Out of 27 recent arrests for theft and break and entry, 20 were Thai nationals.’
    • ‘About 3,000 Thais of Chinese ethnicity from associations around Bangkok turned up to welcome the two ships.’
    • ‘He spoke of a bright future for the youths of the nation and he stressed that young Thais without much formal education can raise their living standards by getting better training.’
    • ‘The Chinese, Indonesians, Central Filipinos and Thais use sea horses in their medicines as cures for illnesses, as aphrodisiacs, decorations and even for food.’
    • ‘Thailand is still a very free country and Thais do value their freedom.’
    • ‘Over the past year or so, a lot of time, effort and money have been put into promoting internal tourism, i.e., Thais touring Thailand.’
    • ‘One Thai made the dangerous descent down into the flooded beach village and returned with rice and other nourishment for frightened tourists.’
    • ‘The true advantage to foreign visitors in Thailand is that they are extremely welcome and most Thais will bend over backwards to please them.’
    • ‘Every year Thais of Chinese descent celebrate the traditional lunar New Year in grand style and this year was no exception.’
    • ‘He described Pattaya's problems as ‘complex’ due to the influx of Thais from around the nation looking for employment.’
    • ‘Naturally I tasted every kind of Thai food - real Thai food cooked by Thais.’
    • ‘I was sent on assignment to Thailand by Hinduism Today to meet the Indian Hindus of Thailand and to explore the ways in which Thais worship the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.’
    1. 1.1 A member of the largest ethnic group in Thailand.
      • ‘The Dai, the largest of Xishuangbanna's 13 ethnic groups are the northern cousins of the Thais.’
      • ‘The movie implies that at least as many whites as Thais live in Thailand and that the few local markets exist only for the tourists.’
      • ‘Finally, the cultural difference between Thais and other national groups constrains generalization of the findings.’
      • ‘Further separatist attacks on security forces and ethnic Thais were carried out over the following days.’
      • ‘The name ‘Thailand’ is associated with the dominant ethnic group, Thai.’
      • ‘The second was the mountainous Shan States in north-eastern Burma, populated by people ethnically related to the Thais.’
      • ‘It is thought that Brahmanism came to the geographical area, now known as Thailand, many hundreds of years before the Thais themselves migrated to this region.’
      • ‘The plain truth is that Chonburi Province is in Thailand, populated by Thais and run by Thais.’
      • ‘In an attempt to consolidate his support around nationalism, he renamed the country Thailand, after its ethnic majority, the Thais, in 1939.’
    2. 1.2 A person of Thai descent.
      • ‘As we have already seen, there is no strong link between learning Thai and being Thai; one can be Thai without speaking the language.’
      • ‘Although many traditional beliefs are retained by Thai Americans, Thais often try to adjust their beliefs in order to live in the United States comfortably.’
      • ‘Overseas Thais are being encouraged to take holidays in Thailand in order to reacquaint themselves with their motherland and native culture.’
  • 2mass noun The official language of Thailand, spoken by over 20 million people, mainly in central Thailand. It belongs to the Tai language group.

    • ‘It is easy to believe you are speaking good Thai when in actual fact you are not.’
    • ‘The academic side held no fears for him, but then he found that the exams were in written Thai!’
    • ‘Surely the girl is entitled to a little bit of privacy and should feel free to speak Thai with her friends?’
    • ‘I had finally mastered a few basic words in Thai, whose tonal subtleties are so hard to grasp.’
    • ‘Former Churchfield pupils Jamie and Lewis work together in off-shore banking and both speak Thai.’
    • ‘The brochures are available in a number of languages, including Thai, Punjabi, Spanish, Filipino and Chinese.’
    • ‘The Thai include those who speak Thai or Central Thai as their first language.’
    • ‘In the United States there are more speakers of Navajo than there are speakers of Scandinavian languages, Thai, or Hungarian.’
    • ‘If you feel that not being able to speak Thai is the main handicap, then go and take lessons every day.’
    • ‘All the mantras are in Sanskrit, but because our native language is Thai, it is difficult to pronounce the Sanskrit words.’
    • ‘His plans for the future include working up country, and to be able to speak Thai fluently.’
    • ‘It is just a quaint example of how literal translations from Thai to English do not work too well.’
    • ‘Twenty-five percent reported that they speak a third language, usually Thai.’
    • ‘Although the crews speaks Thai, most of the directions on board are written in English.’
    • ‘After only four weeks here, he has already begun to speak Thai, and looks forward to his weekly classes!’
    • ‘When we consider that Thai is a tonal language, the effectiveness of such transliteration systems becomes questionable.’
    • ‘Thus, for children in Thailand, learning Thai involves learning some Pali and becoming partially bilingual.’
    • ‘She does not speak Thai, but one of the teachers was able to help her.’
    • ‘It is important to read and speak and write Thai, then really get to know the country.’
    • ‘Was the script originally written in Thai or translated from English?’


Thai, literally ‘free’.