Definition of textured vegetable protein in English:

textured vegetable protein


mass noun
  • A type of protein obtained from soya beans and made to resemble minced meat.

    • ‘If there are enough requests or an entire group requests a vegetarian alternative, prepare some textured vegetable protein meatballs or a TVP sauce.’
    • ‘I totally agree with Kaayla T. Daniel's assessment of highly processed, chemically derived, modern soy products such as isolates, concentrates, textured vegetable protein, soy supplements, protein shakes, and the like.’
    • ‘According to the press release, ‘PCRM recommends that school lunch programs replace beef with soy, textured vegetable protein, and beans in menu items to assure that children in our schools have safe, healthy and tasty menu choices.’’
    • ‘TVP, or textured vegetable protein, is widely available in many prepared foods.’
    • ‘It was a thing with candy bars and cheese and textured vegetable protein.’


textured vegetable protein