Definition of textured in English:



  • Not having a smooth, plain, or regular surface.

    ‘richly textured fabrics such as jacquard, velvet, and chenille are growing in popularity’
    ‘a spritz of this product will help roughen up your hair for a textured finish’
    • ‘Each canvas features the richly textured and subtly modulated expanses of color for which he is well known.’
    • ‘The highly textured surface of these poems does not, however, obscure the continuous emotional undercurrent.’
    • ‘The fruit has a pinkish-orange skin, with smooth, finely textured orange flesh that's easy to separate from the small stone, or pit.’
    • ‘He introduced a new dramatic role for orchestration with scores that are richly textured, subtle, and profound.’
    • ‘Bomber fur jackets from the winter ranges will translate into bombers made of textured knits that emulate fur fabrics, but in lighter summer weights.’
    • ‘Natural stone can give a nice textured finish to the floor.’
    • ‘The building's glittery geometric facade comprises 63 large, textured panels made of cast Tombasil, a bronze alloy.’
    • ‘Hollinghurst's prose is dense, textured, full of delicately nuanced details: lines filled with irony, insight, and beauty.’
    • ‘The painting has a textured surface for extra visual impact.’
    • ‘His style became less angular, and he used subtle muted colours, sometimes mixing sand with his paint to produce a textured effect.’
    • ‘The band's sound is incredibly layered, detailed and textured.’