Definition of texture mapping in English:

texture mapping


mass nounComputing
  • The application of patterns or images to three-dimensional graphics to enhance the realism of their surfaces.

    • ‘While texture mapping is important in conveying a realistic image, Israel finds that by far the most challenging aspect of any digital rendering is lighting.’
    • ‘Bear in mind that texture mapping is resolution or scale dependent, so if the scanned material is at the wrong size, it could look very funny in your rendering.’
    • ‘Pixar's technical contribution to computer animation is the art of texture mapping which, like performance capture, raises the bar for what's visually achievable from storyboard to silver screen.’
    • ‘Does the creature resemble a half-finished 8th grade computer graphics project without finishing touches like texture mapping or surface smoothing?’
    • ‘The most fun sidebar, though, was the one headed ‘Into the Third Dimension ‘, which discussed such modern technologies as texture mapping and color blending.’