Definition of texter in English:



  • See text

    • ‘She told Reuters: ‘The fact that women are more likely to be texters could suggest that women now see mobile phones as extremely social tools.’’
    • ‘What dedicated texter hasn't suffered an epic misunderstanding, or experienced a sick lurch of fear upon dispatching a message of sensitive character to the wrong recipient?’
    • ‘Britain's speedy fingered texters sent on average 45 million texts every day last year.’
    • ‘Rich Ling, a sociologist working for Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications company, has interviewed thousands of mobile-phone texters, and he has noticed that they actually feel more disconnected from the world around them.’
    • ‘I, personally, am a champion texter, but I have some friends who can hardly be bothered to click the buttons to read their texts, much less respond to them.’