Definition of textbook in English:



  • A book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject.

    • ‘When I got home each night, I went straight to the library or worked with my revision textbooks.’
    • ‘Of these textbooks, only his books on logic and on music have certainly survived intact.’
    • ‘We used two paediatric neurology textbooks as additional sources of information.’
    • ‘The boy could easily match the right words in textbooks after listening to tapes.’
    • ‘She was internationally renowned as a writer of textbooks for the teaching of English as a foreign language.’
    • ‘He also wrote Tactics, one of the classic textbooks on competitive sailing.’
    • ‘The new finding implies that our own galaxy is probably much bigger than textbooks say.’
    • ‘Trying to find an explanation, I consulted several modern textbooks to no avail.’
    • ‘Before you know it, the time has come to start registering for classes and buying textbooks.’
    • ‘It's rather a thrill to see the paintings which grace all of the history textbooks in reality.’
    • ‘Action projects help build skills that are difficult to acquire from textbooks.’
    • ‘She says all her money goes on living costs and academic expenses, such as textbooks.’
    • ‘One or two talked about their grandfathers' textbooks, full of algebra and Latin.’
    • ‘The book relies on standard economic theory, and many of the concepts can be found in standard textbooks.’
    • ‘The professors there have yet to discover the merits of reading textbooks aloud.’
    • ‘I never did like those hardcover textbooks, and I always dreaded taking home one of them.’
    • ‘She was absolutely riveted to see at first hand the paintings which appear as illustrations in her textbooks.’
    • ‘There is widespread apprehension that the price of textbooks will go up this time.’
    • ‘In fact, he was so far ahead of the field that he had become distrustful of many standard textbooks.’
    • ‘So far one third of the schools in Nanhui District have started using such textbooks.’


  • attributive Conforming or corresponding to an established standard or type.

    ‘he had the presence of mind to carry out a textbook emergency descent’
    • ‘Pyrus calleryana seems almost a textbook example of a plant designed for invasion.’
    • ‘Save for his aversion to the blues, the patient is something of a textbook classicist.’
    • ‘His was a textbook performance of disciplined self control and he did what was asked for team and country.’
    • ‘She is a textbook example of how to create emotion in the reader - particularly the young reader.’
    • ‘He need not have worried, everything about the man is textbook fairytale hero.’
    • ‘Now Hodges is expected to save his old friend, who went on to become a textbook colonel.’
    • ‘Malik, blessed with a textbook technique, provided the calming touch.’
    • ‘The gelding won his third of the season under a textbook ride from Murphy.’
    • ‘Theirs was a textbook case of how not to win an election, and will be studied by political analysts and party strategists for years.’
    • ‘The plane flew for more than two hours to burn off fuel before the pilot made a textbook landing.’
    • ‘It is now considered a textbook example of how to engage and pursue an enemy force.’
    • ‘Walkden's South African Doug Watson is a textbook batsman who has scored 1,100 runs this season.’
    • ‘He serves, for example, fine slices of smoked wild venison alongside a textbook Gratin Dauphinois.’
    • ‘The destruction of the Aral Sea is a textbook example of unsustainable development.’
    • ‘The actors avoid textbook sitcom comedy styles in favour of the real thing.’
    • ‘Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, insisted that it was a textbook operation and was going according to plan.’
    • ‘Otpor would become the textbook example of Sharp's theories translated into praxis.’
    • ‘Like any classic cartoon character, Mike is a textbook case of manic depression.’
    • ‘What we have seen is a textbook exercise in democratic scrutiny.’
    • ‘The bomb squad guy told everyone that the x-ray was a textbook example of what a bomb really looks like, and took a copy of it to use in training.’
    most typical, most characteristic, representative, standard, conventional, classic, model, exemplary, quintessential, prime, copybook
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