Definition of texta in English:


(also textacolour)


  • A pen with a writing point made of felt or fibre.

    ‘I couldn't find a red texta, so I used hot pink’
    as modifier ‘he'd put a texta mark where he'd need to cut’
    • ‘When I got to school I traced around the red swollen mark on my face with a purple texta.’
    • ‘Lowest-down on the food chain is tagging, which involves scribbling your signature with a texta, on any surface you can find.’
    • ‘I'm sitting here colouring in a new heart with my textas.’
    • ‘I bought a neon red trucker cap, on which I used a black texta to write "Does my brain look big in this?"’
    • ‘I coloured it in with the new textas I got for Christmas and mum's expensive pen.’
    • ‘If you have a toothpaste stain on a black dress just colour it in with black texta.’
    • ‘The boy had been jailed under the Territory's mandatory sentencing laws after being found guilty of stealing textas and paper.’
    • ‘It was hand written in texta on coloured paper with the return address of Sophie.’
    • ‘I bought a ream of paper, a glue stick and some black textas for photocopying my zine.’
    • ‘He's written in thick black texta, in large letters, capitals, and she can read it upside down.’
    • ‘Written in black texta on the inside of the slide's frame was the following inscription: RH 28.07.04.’
    • ‘He'd put a texta mark where he'd need to cut.’
    • ‘We returned to our hotel room, where we found everything broken and a warning written in black Texta to quit our quasi-legal ways.’
    • ‘They are also quite kid friendly as their menu comes with some colouring in activities and a cup full of textas.’
    • ‘I painted my toenails black with a texta!’
    • ‘In a few weeks, it will have sticky hand prints, texta marks and chocolate smeared all over the panels.’
    • ‘In a fit of pique, I made some P-plates from bits of paper by drawing a big P and colouring in around it with a texta.’