Definition of text processing in English:

text processing


mass nounComputing
  • The manipulation of text, especially the transformation of text from one format to another.

    • ‘The strengths of scripting languages play directly to LIS programming requirements because their dynamic nature fits the needs of text processing.’
    • ‘Heim noted that text processing is transforming the way many disciplines are done: ‘The word processor is the calculator of the humanist’.’
    • ‘Christopher, a Web programmer, converted the index into a database using Per!, a programming language that is often used for Web-based text processing and data manipulation.’
    • ‘According to Capobianco, Curl applications are a set of development tools that combine scripting language, text processing and object-oriented programming.’
    • ‘In text processing one can use regular expressions to devise very brief scripts that might require many times more code in other languages - and that can never be understood by anyone other than the person who wrote them.’