Definition of Teuton in English:



  • 1A member of a people who lived in Jutland in the 4th century BC and fought the Romans in France in the 2nd century BC.

    • ‘Shaken by his early defeats, Caesar engages the aid of the Teutons and a final great battle is joined which will decide the ultimate fate of all Gaul.’
    • ‘Roman scribe Tacitus writes: ‘To drink, the Teutons have a horrible brew fermented from barley or wheat, a brew which is very far removed our excellent wines.’’
    • ‘These same people, Basham states, also went westwards, ‘to become the ancestors of the Greeks, Latins, Celts and Teutons.’’
    • ‘Eventually Larax goes to Rome for help against the Teutons, but I think all that happens there is he ends up fighting the Romans, too.’
    • ‘Invaded by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Teutons and Spaniards, Sicily is different in culture and appearance from the rest of Italy.’
    1. 1.1derogatory A German.
      • ‘The Teuton with the trillion-watt smile accepted.’
      • ‘Elsewhere, the lads flex their dub muscle: ‘Tusovska Dub Version’ and ‘Sevastopol Version’ are both driven by Micha Acher's prowling basswork, suggesting that, when they want to, these wily Teutons can lay down the funk.’
      • ‘Consistent with his generous heart, the talented Teuton is quick to credit others with his improvements.’


From Latin Teutones, Teutoni (plural), from an Indo-European root meaning ‘people’ or ‘country’.