Definition of tetroxide in English:



  • An oxide containing four atoms of oxygen in its molecule or empirical formula.

    • ‘A Tetrasil is a patented topical cream made from a silver compound called tetrasilver tetroxide, suspended in organic wax and jojoba oil.’
    • ‘Nitrogen is useful not only as a fire retardant in artificial air but also as a feedstock for the manufacture of ammonia, hydrazine, nitrogen tetroxide, and nutrients such as amino acids and organic bases.’
    • ‘It is a four stage missile like the Minuteman III, with the first three stages being solid propellant and the fourth stage by hypergolicly fueled with hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide.’
    • ‘These specific environments include anhydrous methanol/halide solutions, nitrogen tetroxide, and liquid or solid cadmium.’