Definition of tetrode in English:



  • A thermionic valve having four electrodes.

    • ‘These tetrodes only have connections for four electrodes, but they include a pair of ‘beam forming plates’ that direct the electron flows.’
    • ‘Power tetrodes are also sometimes used in amateur radio and industrial applications.’
    • ‘He was the one I was working with and I asked him if he could maybe build some tetrodes for us to experiment with.’
    • ‘The three-pole array therefore acts as the feedback element stabilizing the operating point of the tetrode.’
    • ‘The next generation of Thomson tetrodes will make it possible to reach the same levels of power at these frequencies in CW (continuous wave) operation, with an even higher efficiency’


Early 20th century: from tetra- ‘four’ + Greek hodos ‘way’.