Definition of tetrazolium in English:



  • 1as modifier A cation derived from tetrazole or one of its derivatives, especially the triphenyl derivative.

    • ‘The seeds were then cut in half longitudinally and deposited on a sterile Whatman No.1 filter paper impregnated with 1% tetrazolium chloride.’
    • ‘The tetrazolium ion, which is commonly used in viability tests, could not penetrate the inner coat of watermelon, tomato or pepper seeds.’
    • ‘After 24 and 48 h, aliquots were transferred to 96-well plates and incubated for 3 h with a tetrazolium salt.’
    • ‘The standard procedure for this assay was to remove the cell culture medium and add fresh media containing the MTS tetrazolium reagent.’
    • ‘The ability of the seedlings to reduce triphenyl tetrazolium chloride was then determined, using the method of Steponskus and Lanphear.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A yellow dye used as a test for viability in biological material.
      • ‘This technique is more reliable than tetrazolium chloride for this species, because some deeply dormant viable seeds show minimal staining with tetrazolium.’
      • ‘The failure of all 1-year-old dry - stored seeds to germinate likely reflected a loss of viability, rather than evidence of a dormant state, because the small percentage that stained positive to tetrazolium did so weakly.’
      • ‘Upon exhumation, we examined each replicate for germinants, rotted seeds, and whole firm seeds, which we tested for viability with tetrazolium.’
      • ‘The stains acridine orange, ethidium bromide, azur II, eosin B, trypan blue, Giemsa solution and nitroblue tetrazolium were purchased from Sigma.’
      • ‘Seeds are soaked overnight in water then treated with tetrazolium to give an indication of viable, abnormal, and dead seeds in the seed lot.’