Definition of tetravalent in English:



  • Having a valency of four.

    • ‘In 1857, he suggested that the carbon atom was tetravalent, that is, it could bond with four other atoms.’
    • ‘Electrolytic means have been used to reduce the metal from its tetravalent state to both the bi- and trivalent forms by employing acid electrolytes and electrodes of cither lead, copper, platinum, or mercury jet.’
    • ‘Every node in this graph was tetravalent: connected by four edges to four other nodes.’
    • ‘These new-generation vaccines are not without risk and at least one, a tetravalent rotavirus vaccine, has been discontinued due to its association with bowel intussusception.’
    • ‘Previous ACIP guidelines have recommended a meningococcal tetravalent polysaccharide vaccine for high-risk patients.’