Definition of tetrathlon in English:



  • A sporting contest in which each participant competes in four events, typically riding, shooting, swimming, and running.

    • ‘Sadly, someone has to keep the home fires burning while we're away, make hay to see us through next winter, tend the menagerie, re-point the house, restore the windmill and keep working through the summer, as well as run Jake around tetrathlons and numerous other competitions.’
    • ‘Please could members register their interest for triathlons and tetrathlons as soon as possible, with Audrey Turner as teams and individuals need to be organised.’
    • ‘We never went out to party much as my daughter and her pony Flicka were doing all sorts of Pony Club competitions, especially tetrathlons which, as anyone involved in them will know, takes up all weekend.’
    • ‘The older Youth A / B competitors were competing in the tetrathlon, while the younger Youth C performers did the triathlon.’
    • ‘There are between 3-5,000 people in the UK taking part in the biathlon on a regular basis, and around 10,000 people taking part in pony club tetrathlons, which is the main entrance point for the modern pentathlon.’
    • ‘The mini boys tetrathlon saw Hamish Glynn coming 2nd, and getting best shoot, and in the mini girls tetrathlon, Rebecca Mayle came 5th.’
    • ‘As opposed to his European counterparts - who usually come into pentathlon from a swimming and fencing background - Fox's interest in the sport was piqued at age 12 when he was a member of a riding club and competing in tetrathlon.’
    • ‘My interest in Triathlon is stemming from a couple of hazy weekends during college when I struggled through the intervarsity tetrathlons (run - swim - shoot - show jumping) for UCD.’
    • ‘He now moves to England where, over the coming weekend, he will compete in the English tetrathlon, again representing Carlow Hunt Pony Club as an individual contestant.’
    • ‘I enjoyed competing in the Pony Club triathlons and tetrathlons and did quite well.’
    • ‘As a member of Lauderdale Pony Club, Hazel represented them at regional level in dressage and cross-country eventing and was also a keen competitor at tetrathlons, again competing at higher levels as an individual internationally.’
    • ‘The gun dogs definitely appealed to me more and fitted in well with our lifestyle of eventing and tetrathlons with the horses.’
    • ‘Courtney is another athlete who was introduced to the sport of Modern Pentathlon in 2004 through competing in Pony Club triathlons and tetrathlons.’
    • ‘In addition to triathlons she has also taken part in a number of tetrathlons which involve swimming, running, horse riding and shooting.’
    • ‘Programs will be offered in dressage, eventing, showing, jumping, mounted games, tetrathlons, quizzes, vaulting, fox hunting, and polocrosse.’


1950s: from tetra- ‘four’ + Greek athlon ‘contest’, on the pattern of pentathlon.