Definition of tetrachloroethylene in English:



  • another term for perchloroethylene
    • ‘Dry-cleaning reagents contain petroleum or tetrachloroethylene, highly volatile chemicals with distinctive odours.’
    • ‘Colorimetric detector tubes are an effective method of measuring tetrachloroethylene at dry-cleaning facilities.’
    • ‘The primary solvent used in dry cleaning is perchloroethylene, also known as tetrachloroethylene and commonly known as perc.’
    • ‘No facilities had vapor barriers or other controls specifically designed to prevent infiltration of tetrachloroethylene throughout the building.’
    • ‘Thus, there are several no-cost or low-cost options that dry-cleaning personnel can readily implement to reduce concentrations of tetrachloroethylene within the workplace and concomitantly in adjoining residences and facilities.’