Definition of Tetra Pak in English:

Tetra Pak

(also tetrapack)


  • A type of plasticized cardboard carton for milk and other drinks, folded from a single sheet into a box shape.

    • ‘Safal fruit juices are being launched in four variants and will be available in one litre tetrapacks.’
    • ‘They rush off to the kitchen and come back, Ryan sucking on a tetrapak of breakfast ‘shake’… Cam munching on a piece of bread.’
    • ‘Coconut chips, a range of tender coconut water - tetrapacks, bottles, aerated, coconut jam, vinegar, etc. - are some of the products which need some push in the market.’
    • ‘Amul has just launched ‘spicy buttermilk’ in a tetrapak.’
    • ‘With the spasmic strength of the departing spirit, his hands balled into fists and the tetrapak he was holding burst into waxed paper shrapnel.’
    • ‘Aavin will export milk in tetrapacks and tetrafino packs, through S.K. Hazari, who has been appointed the agent for Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘But, there will be no choice of breads and instead of fresh juice, a tetrapack of juice is served.’
    • ‘‘We've all got through this in one piece,’ said John Sweeney of Loughanure as the crew enjoyed a multi-cultural toast with bottles of champagne and tetrapaks of saki.’
    • ‘Plastic packaging is versatile, durable, hygienic and cost-effective,’ he says, adding that a developing country like India has to depend more on plastic rather than on tetrapack, which is costlier.’
    • ‘All of the above items, except tetrapaks and plastic, can be recycled for free at Kyletalisha, however newspapers and magazines must be tied in bundles.’


Tetra Pak

/ˈtɛtrə pak/