Definition of tetchiness in English:



  • See tetchy

    • ‘A mild tetchiness and suspicion between the two counties has been evident in more than merely their refusal to contemplate a unified police unit.’
    • ‘If you are a serious caffeine fiend, begin your detox on a non-working day as you'll probably be in for a bit of a headache and a prolonged bout of tetchiness.’
    • ‘But within minutes of the restart, all the tension and tetchiness vanished as both sides began to pick up the tempo and forage forward at will.’
    • ‘This air of tetchiness burst in to life when a robust series of questions from one New Zealand Herald journalist provoked the Prime Minister to accuse the reporter of sparking an argument rather than asking questions.’
    • ‘His extreme tetchiness was on show on that night's television news as he recounted, through gritted teeth, the agreement he had already reached with them over a financial review of the national stadium project.’