Definition of testicular feminization in English:

testicular feminization

(British testicular feminisation)


mass noun
  • A condition produced in genetically male people by the failure of tissue to respond to male sex hormones, resulting in normal female anatomy but with testes in place of ovaries.

    • ‘Moreover, in the mouse model of testicular feminization in which male carriers of the X-linked Tfm mutation have no functional androgen receptors, the surfactant level of the Tfm male fetuses is the same as the females.’
    • ‘The first type is known today as testicular feminization syndrome or androgen insensitivity syndrome.’
    • ‘Ten per cent of primary amenorrhoea is caused by androgen insensitivity syndrome (formerly testicular feminisation).’
    • ‘Otherwise, the outlook for complete testicular feminization is good if at-risk testicular tissue is removed at the proper time.’
    • ‘Therefore, testicular feminization or other intersex disorders were not the cause of any female phenotypic appearance.’