Definition of testatrix in English:



  • A woman who has made a will or given a legacy.

    • ‘Thus, justice did not demand that these benefits, which were not intended by the testatrix to whom the defendants owed the duty of care, should be paid by the defendants.’
    • ‘In mutual wills cases they are a testator, a testatrix and an intended beneficiary or class of beneficiaries.’
    • ‘I must look to the intent of the testatrix to be ascertained from the language of the Will, construed in the light of the facts known to the testatrix when she made the Will and at the time of her death.’
    • ‘Sister Nell Selby Fitzgerald predeceased the testatrix, leaving one child who also predeceased the testatrix.’
    • ‘It follows that, prima facie, the defendants would be liable at the suit of the testatrix's personal representatives for the loss caused to her estate by their failure to advise service of a notice of severance.’


Late 16th century: from late Latin, feminine of testator (see testator).