Definition of testate in English:



  • predicative Having made a valid will before one dies.

    ‘he desired to die testate’
    • ‘Currently the rights enjoyed by married couples, such as the automatic right of inheritance in the event of a spouse dying in testate or the right of succession to certain tenancies and to pension funds, are denied to non-married couples.’
    • ‘The law of in testate succession, that under certain circumstances can be quite confusing, will then determine who inherits how much of the estate.’
    • ‘If you die testate, then all your possessions will be distributed in the way you set out in your will.’
    • ‘It was brought to our knowledge that the forementioned client died in testate and nominated no next of kin to the title over the investments made with the bank.’


  • A person who has died leaving a valid will.


Late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin testatus ‘testified, witnessed’, past participle of testari, from testis ‘a witness’.