Definition of testamentary in English:



  • Relating to or bequeathed or appointed through a will.

    ‘a testamentary bequest’
    ‘testamentary guardianships’
    • ‘Jean Ristat, Aragon's testamentary executor, himself a poet and novelist, was Aragon's last friend.’
    • ‘Augustus's testamentary review of legionary strength, and his summation of public revenues and expenses, underlay his recommendation that the borders of the empire be frozen in perpetuity.’
    • ‘Where an unmarried father who is a guardian appoints a testamentary guardian in his will, the validity of that appointment depends on the declaration being found after his death.’
    • ‘They ask only that their testamentary wishes be honored and that the institutions they have built be preserved as they left them.’
    • ‘While noblewomen were more likely to make charitable bequests, in other respects their testamentary behavior resembled men's.’
    • ‘It is essential that both partners make wills appointing testamentary guardians in the event of their death while the children are still under 18.’
    • ‘Instead of leaving your assets directly to your heirs on death, consider leaving them to a testamentary trust.’
    • ‘By Clause 10 he declared that all death duties and funeral and testamentary expenses should be paid in equal shares out of the shares in his estate given to Colin, Peter and John.’
    • ‘Historically, the courts do not take lightly the wishes of the deceased as expressed in testamentary documents.’
    • ‘She finds that mothers used testamentary legacies to balance the inequality among children required by primogeniture: they may even privilege the cadets over the first-born son.’
    • ‘At the time of deciding whether the option is a valid testamentary provision, contract principles cannot be applicable since the testator's intentions are the only relevant matter.’
    • ‘Mr Parker claimed that due to his mother's illness, she lacked the testamentary capacity to make a valid will.’
    • ‘The Applicant in that case questioned the testamentary capacity of the deceased person.’
    • ‘Family relations are strengthened, however, by the law of inheritance, which does not recognize a principle of free testamentary disposition.’
    • ‘While each could make testamentary dispositions to the other, such bequests were subject to certain statutory rights of the spouse or any legitimate children.’
    • ‘It was accepted that the second 1990 will had been duly executed, but the deceased's testamentary capacity was in issue.’
    • ‘All that happened was that the solicitor did nothing at all for a period of time, with the result that the testator died before his new testamentary intentions could be implemented in place of the old.’
    • ‘The question is whether the court is satisfied that the contents do truly represent the testator's testamentary intentions.’
    • ‘The Document was not duly executed in accordance with the provisions of the Wills Act 1937 and accordingly the Document does not constitute a valid Will or other testamentary document.’
    • ‘In both cities, women were the links between natal and marital groups; in both, they exercised more flexibility and show a wider array of testamentary choice.’


Late Middle English: from Latin testamentarius, from testamentum ‘a will’, from testari ‘testify’.