Definition of test rig in English:

test rig


  • An apparatus used for assessing the performance of a piece of mechanical or electrical equipment.

    • ‘Mechanical test rigs for subjecting samples to strain and measuring forces have been included in the ESEM in studies of polymer films and wood fibres.’
    • ‘Considering the components in our test rig, I was pretty satisfied with the performance… plus it's a bit lighter than the Cooler Master.’
    • ‘When it was opened in 1997, this area had just two test rigs, and supplemented the testing done by outside contractors.’
    • ‘When under full load on our test rig the unit barely heated up, showing that the unit is able to disperse heat very well.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, observers were allowed to stand in a semicircle just a few feet behind the test rig during this firing.’
    • ‘The testing will still happen, it might be in a computer or it might be on some kind of test rig.’
    • ‘Dyson's Experiment 1 involved the insertion of a tube into the exit of SU3 in a test rig so as to try to ensure that there was no re-circulation.’
    • ‘Ground static thrust tests have been completed on one engine and the second engine is now undergoing operational testing on Me 262 Project's static test rig.’
    • ‘The machine, a Banias test rig, has been on for at least an hour, we reckoned.’
    • ‘Before jumping into the overclocking details, I am going to go over the specifications of the test rig that was used.’
    • ‘Lola's state of the art base in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire houses a 50% scale commercially available wind tunnel, composites facility and 7-post vehicle dynamic test rig.’
    • ‘We began to evaluate TL damage sensing by using a standard test rig in which a weight is dropped onto the sample to provide an impact of known energy.’
    • ‘It's the ultimate test rig, but the Ransom is also coldly impersonal.’
    • ‘If you need an integrated, automatable audio test rig, dScope is something to look at.’
    • ‘The new centre, which brings together equipment that has been scattered around several laboratories and buildings, including a semi-anechoic chamber and a flow duct silencer test rig, previously housed a garage.’
    • ‘Using a special test rig the system was used to measure and provide a picture of the noise from the exhaust outlet all the way to the surface.’
    • ‘These researchers connected a test rig consisting of a 60-mL syringe containing air to a manometer and used it to measure the amount of force generated when cricoid pressure was applied.’
    • ‘The test rig represents the first closed-cycle, multi-shaft gas turbine in the world.’
    • ‘Our aircraft will never actually fly, but it will experience representative loading based on actual fleet usage as we ‘fly’ it on the ground in the test rig.’
    • ‘In confronting manufacturing challenges, the laminator, Don Mathieson Staff Glass Pty Ltd., created a test rig incorporating prototype glazing.’