Definition of test paper in English:

test paper


  • 1A paper set to test the knowledge of a student, especially in preparation for an examination.

    • ‘The test papers are set and corrected by board examiners.’
    • ‘I started searching for my green mechanical pencil; but that's very hard when you backpack is full of crumpled test papers you don't want your parents to see.’
    • ‘He said that while there would be no problem in drafting test papers for the two exams, there was the question of how the students would prepare for them.’
    • ‘Her loosely curled red hair hung down from her head, lightly brushing her test paper as she scribbled an answer down on the answer sheet.’
    • ‘As he placed his test paper with the others, he noticed the glance of a girl sitting three seats to his left.’
    • ‘The test papers will be evaluated and the feedback given to students.’
    • ‘She said she could not wait for the November examination because the test paper would be based on a new syllabus.’
    • ‘Once she was out in the hallway, she finally looked at the grade written atop her test paper.’
    • ‘Finally I was getting Bs and Cs instead of getting Fs on many of my test papers.’
    • ‘Among the many students flocking to the college entrance examination this year, four special candidates will be using their hands to read the test paper.’
    • ‘Taking hold of her test paper, she sent a final prayer up before searching for her mark on the front cover.’
    • ‘The entire class stopped writing, put their pencils down, and handed their test papers to the front of the class.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes passed and he was only on the third test paper.’
    • ‘The teacher handed out the tests, faced down and waited until every student had a test paper.’
    • ‘Next came six weeks of subject tutoring by a recent Oxford graduate with experience of the type of questions that might come up in the interview or on the test paper the university uses.’
    • ‘When the nine minutes were up, and the test papers were gathered, Mr. Jenkins announced that they had a new pupil.’
    • ‘Mr. Duquel passed around test papers, and Rolin dug around in the pockets of her coat for a writing implement.’
    • ‘A huge, fat F was scrawled at the top of his test paper in thick, red, permanent marker.’
    • ‘Such a review should involve input from departmental colleagues who visit the professor's classes and analyze syllabi, examinations, and test papers to assess teaching performance.’
    • ‘All staff members are provided with sample test papers prior to the course to help with exam preparation.’
  • 2Chemistry
    A paper impregnated with an indicator which changes colour under known conditions, used especially to test for acidity.

    • ‘Place the moist test material on the test paper, which after a few seconds will show a clear, violet coloration in the presence of acid phosphase.’
    • ‘Mortality with 4 per cent DDT impregnated test papers was 17.5 per cent.’
    • ‘In acid solution, oxidizing agents react with the iodide in the test paper to liberate iodine.’
    • ‘In the presence of acid phosphatase, the test paper develops violet stains on the white test paper.’
    • ‘When using the test paper, first add a few drops of hydrochloric acid to the solution to be tested.’