Definition of tertiary sector in English:

tertiary sector


  • The sector of an economy concerned with or relating to tertiary industry.

    • ‘Departmentalization and concomitant economic change have transformed the rural sugar plantation character of the island into one highly dependent on the tertiary sector and urban activity.’
    • ‘Core economic sectors such as machine production declined considerably, while the tertiary sector experienced considerable growth and became the most important employer and contributor to the economy.’
    • ‘The only branch that held up was skilled workers in small businesses, especially repair and maintenance firms, which served as a bridge between industry and the expanding tertiary sector.’
    • ‘This contradiction has come about through the increasingly soft education system that seems to offer women better opportunities in all fields of employment but yet again they take the same old jobs in caring and tertiary sectors.’
    • ‘By 1974 half the labour force was employed in the tertiary sector, which generated three-quarters of all new jobs, especially in banking, telecommunications, and public administration.’