Definition of tertiary education in English:

tertiary education


mass noun
  • Education for people above school age, including college, university, and vocational courses.

    ‘the policy improves access to tertiary education’
    • ‘In 2001 we had as many students in tertiary education as Germany, which has a population a third larger, and more than comparably sized France, Italy, and Spain.’
    • ‘The construction industry is attracting tertiary education funding for four-hour building site induction courses.’
    • ‘I have received a letter seeking to debate a decision not to establish a scheme to assist parents to save for their children's tertiary education.’
    • ‘Tertiary education fees, along with student debt, have skyrocketed.’
    • ‘He argued that "a free tertiary education is beyond the country's means".’
    • ‘At the beginning of their first year of tertiary education, many could not have predicted they would one day be embarking on this course of study.’
    • ‘She is involved with primary and tertiary education and the preservation of Gaelic culture and language.’
    • ‘At the present time, the government regulates private tertiary education by means of a special eight-person committee.’
    • ‘The selection system was based on generic characteristics, including tertiary education, employment experience, English capacity, and age.’
    • ‘Because the tertiary education system at the time discriminated against those considered to be underage, he had to search for employment.’