Definition of terrible twos in English:

terrible twos


  • A period in a child's social development (typically around the age of two years) which is associated with very defiant or unruly behaviour.

    • ‘Like toddlers going through the terrible twos their only response to anything with which they disagree is childish destruction.’
    • ‘Toddlers get much bad press, with talk of tantrums, whining and the terrible twos.’
    • ‘I am hopeful that she has just hit the doggy equivalent of the " terrible twos "!’
    • ‘Initially, the couple put his behaviour down to the "terrible twos" syndrome.’
    • ‘All parents who have had young children have gone through what is euphemistically known as the "terrible twos".’
    • ‘Parents ' most challenging times may occur during their child's "terrible twos."’
    • ‘She never went through the "terrible twos."’
    • ‘Thank God you are finally out of those terrible twos.’
    • ‘This year's programmes explore the world of the " terrible twos ".’
    • ‘Additionally, the "terrible twos" present an opportunity for parents to establish their discipline approach.’