Definition of terret in English:



  • Each of the loops or rings on a horse's harness pad for the driving reins to pass through.

    • ‘Knobbed terrets are known to have a generally northern distribution of Northern England and Scotland.’
    • ‘The terrets are removable for handler safety and to avoid damage when the llama is first introduced to the cart.’
    • ‘Three terrets and a slip buckle lay beneath the wheels at a slightly lower level but there were no traces of a yoke.’
    • ‘Nickel and Gold Plated terrets are not always in stock.’
    • ‘And does having terrets on such a narrow strap, encourage the strap to be turning over all the time, and digging in?’
    • ‘These dees are affixed by terrets centered on the saddle and by pad screws on both skirts.’
    • ‘Thus, a provision is made for the mounting of the terrets through which the reins may pass.’
    • ‘The terret comes from the collection of Dr. J. Callender, and was found at Shellagreen, Culsalmond, Aberdeenshire.’
    • ‘Decorative brass harness bells are generally smaller and are sometimes incorporated into fly terrets.’
    • ‘Robert Hunt also mentions Walsall, saying of it in his time, when shoe buckles were entirely out of fashion: ‘What, however, does remain of the shoe buckle and clasp trade is mostly confined to Walsall, where, as before stated, buckles, rings, territs, and other things belonging to harness of all kinds, are manufactured.’’
    • ‘Bungees for carrying traces are blue, attached to the terrets by thin black Zilco straps.’
    • ‘The terret would originally have been attached to a chariot yoke, probably serving to guide the reins for a double harness.’
    • ‘International harnesses have smaller terrets making it necessary to install the pin in the other hole.’
    • ‘Five copper alloy terrets, strap guiding rings, lay on the line of the yoke.’
    • ‘At this stage, the reins run through the tug loops to the bit, rather than through the terrets on the saddle.’
    • ‘Evidence from Wetwang revealed that this find featured five terrets, four of which would have been for the reins, and the researchers were keen to establish the function of the fifth.’


Late 15th century (denoting either of two rings by which a leash is attached to a hawk's jesses): from Old French touret, diminutive of tour ‘a turn’.