Definition of terrestrial globe in English:

terrestrial globe


  • A spherical representation of the earth with a map on the surface.

    • ‘They constructed a terrestrial globe in 1536, and they constructed a celestial globe in the following year.’
    • ‘The earliest known terrestrial globe was built in 1490-92, on the eve of the European ocean voyages of discovery and colonization.’
    • ‘As I later learned, others in the hinterlands also tried to make globes; New Hampshire shoemaker, surveyor, and farmer Samuel Lane, for example, made his own idiosyncratic version of a terrestrial globe around 1760.’
    • ‘Vermonters were likely proud to possess one of Wilson's impressive terrestrial globes.’
    • ‘The altar, on which are placed a celestial and a terrestrial globe, is in the form of the sun.’
    • ‘On a shelf under the tabletop there are musical instruments, a terrestrial globe and open - and legible - books of music and arithmetic.’
    • ‘Schall, during a period of Chinese captivity, returned to Korea with numerous Chinese translations of Western writings as well as terrestrial globes and astronomical charts.’
    • ‘In 1562 he was asked by Cosimo I de’ Medici, the second duke of Florence, to prepare maps and a huge terrestrial globe which is still preserved.’
    • ‘Although his illuminated books were praised, he is now best known for his print publishing and the Erdapfel (1491-2; Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmus.), the oldest extant terrestrial globe, which he painted with his wife.’
    • ‘The one shown in Plate XIII includes a number of books and writing implements as well as an atlas, terrestrial globe, and navigational instruments.’