Definition of terrazzo in English:



mass noun
  • Flooring material consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface.

    ‘the floor was finished in red and tan terrazzo’
    as modifier ‘a terrazzo floor’
    • ‘The architecture is what I would describe as early concrete and terrazzo, but the immediate impression is that it is exceptionally clean.’
    • ‘The original terrazzo flooring is also a feature of this room.’
    • ‘Beside following some traditional practices used for terrazzo concrete finishes, Harris also incorporated newer decorative techniques.’
    • ‘The terrazzo tiled floors were restored to pristine condition and the 23-inch thick walls painted to perfection.’
    • ‘The Lever House lobby is relatively low-ceilinged and elegantly finished in polished steel and green terrazzo.’
    • ‘It offers high resistance to stains and scuffing, and can be installed on a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, wood, stone, marble and terrazzo.’
    • ‘He wants Concrete Arts to be the leading company in the Twin Cities area for installing decorative finishes, including colored and stamped concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, and concrete countertops.’
    • ‘Gower's terrazzo floor is based on her ‘Lost and Found’ series of paintings from the late 1980s, in which broken-line drawings describe the forms of athletes and sporting motifs.’
    • ‘With its 12-foot-high lighting grid, solid sound system, exposed concrete, terrazzo floor and velvet curtains, the room crosses the feel of a nightclub with that of a quaint community theatre.’
    • ‘With concrete slab as a starting point, the range of flooring choices is wide, including stone, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and colored concrete tile.’
    • ‘The floors are covered in polished terrazzo, and the walls seem to have been plastered with a purposefully cheesy sixties-era Formica laminate reminiscent of DiSpirito's old family home.’
    • ‘Modern touches come from white marble furniture and bathrooms, while floors are of highly polished terrazzo marble inset with aluminium.’
    • ‘Deep blue terrazzo on the entryway floor, glass mosaic tiles on the fireplace wall and on the wainscoting in the bathrooms, and marble in the kitchen and master bath add touches of glamour.’
    • ‘Entering through the flagstone wall, the lobby's black terrazzo floor is inset with fragments of locally mined gems and copper ore.’
    • ‘‘We have beautiful ballroom space with 20-foot ceilings, architectural elements and terrazzo floors that can bleed into the mezzanine area,’ he said.’
    • ‘Oils in any form can penetrate the surface and permanently discolor terrazzo floors.’
    • ‘There are many original period features still intact in this house including Italian terrazzo floors, plasterwork, marble fireplaces and a cast iron bath.’
    • ‘In dramatic contrast to the black terrazzo floor, the table has a white Bakelite top set on columnar chromium-steel legs.’
    • ‘Two years ago very few people in the United States had even heard of polished concrete other than terrazzo floors.’
    • ‘The finished epoxy floors are harder, tolerate more abrasive wear than terrazzo cement surfaces, and are less labor-intensive to install.’


Early 20th century: Italian, literally ‘terrace’, based on Latin terra ‘earth’.