Definition of terracing in English:



mass noun
  • 1Terraced ground.

    • ‘The Banaue creations, covering thousands of hectares, are the world's finest example of rice terracing.’
    • ‘Farmers changed their ways too with increased terracing to reduce erosion while feedlots were moved away from waterways.’
    • ‘The Sidamo, who have a highly developed agriculture including ploughing with oxen and terracing of fields, produce the famous Ethiopian coffee of their name.’
    • ‘These people had developed agricultural skills including terracing and irrigation.’
    • ‘The fields - each of which, as a rule, comprises several levels of terracing - range in elevation from 10,000 to 13,000 feet.’
    • ‘Agriculture was based on systems of hillside terracing and included the potato, quinoa, and maize, and the guinea pig (for food), domestic dog, llama, and alpaca.’
    • ‘It is, of course, recognized that certain modifications of the land itself, such as swamp drainage, hill terracing, and the like, become eventually indistinguishable from the original site.’
    • ‘This is essentially the mound we see today made of chalk from the outer ditches and terracing of the adjacent slopes.’
    • ‘Rather than just forming steps, the terracing denotes larger areas, each of which stands alone as a small garden.’
    • ‘The terracing that covers every practicable inch of this vast cleft in the earth, dates back hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, certainly long before the Incas conquered the valley.’
    • ‘Land is still farmed using the Inca method of terracing on steep slopes.’
    • ‘Garden archaeology has revealed much about the evolution of the grounds at Chawton, which include a wilderness, a walled garden developed by Edward Knight, and terracing in the style of Lutyens.’
    • ‘The Indian subculture of New Mexico and Arizona, for example, developed field terracing and irrigation.’
    • ‘Pearce also examines the low-tech solutions, from rice terracing to rainwater harvesting, that have sustained communities for hundreds of years.’
    • ‘Strategies like mixed cropping, animal raising, terracing, and afforestation are widely employed to halt degradation of soils and to restore the productive power of the land.’
    • ‘Concern also continues with food-for-work programs in building roads for access to remote communities and terracing to help farming on the slopes of the mountains in both the lowlands and highlands.’
    • ‘The idea of terracing - creating, in effect, broad steps on steep hills - is new to most of Haiti.’
    • ‘Rather than terracing to make garden beds level, plant perennial beds and strips of grass across the slope.’
    • ‘Nearby Redcliff dates from 1832 but its four acre garden is still a work in progress following terracing of the hillside.’
    • ‘The original garden had no terracing and the slope of the lawn was proving too difficult to maintain.’
  • 2British Wide, shallow steps used to provide standing room for spectators in a stadium.

    ‘the ground's combination of safe seating and terracing’
    • ‘The 50-odd travelling support looked a disconsolate bunch as they trudged towards the covered away terracing for shelter from an unexpected torrential downpour.’
    • ‘Inevitably it was the poor souls huddling in the ground's last uncovered terracing who bore the brunt of the rain and hail sweeping into their faces; it is an ordeal they should not have to face next year.’
    • ‘They were stark unhygienic temples to which access was by steep stairways to the terracing and the exit from grounds at the end of matches was like running down a sheer cliff at full pelt.’
    • ‘York City have previously claimed keeping the facility at Huntington would leave insufficient room to build the stands and terracing needed to meet minimum ground capacity requirements of 6,000.’
    • ‘Indeed, so grand was the swell that the open terracing at the east side of the ground had to be opened to allow an additional couple of hundred home fans to make sodden homage, continuing to trickle into the ground almost until the break.’
    • ‘The collapse of a section of wooden terracing at Ibrox that afternoon caused the death of 25 spectators at the Scotland v England international.’
    • ‘In the old days of terracing, those fans who wanted to sing would congregate at the back of the stand behind the goal, but the introduction of all-seater stadia has since rendered that impossible.’
    • ‘Three-quarters of the ground is a shambles and consists of seats bolted to original terracing with a new roof.’
    • ‘But now to meet modern safety and comfort standards and increase capacity, a big job is need on the North bank to put in concrete terracing and crush barriers.’
    • ‘Play then deteriorated as both sets of support in the open terracing scattered for shelter from torrential rain.’
    • ‘Safety lapses and deaths on Britain's old terracing gave way to heavy investment in all-seater stadiums.’
    • ‘Victory Lane, which is due to open next spring, will have seating for nearly 2,000 and terracing for a further 3,000.’
    • ‘But many were left frustrated as the away terracing was closed, leaving only limited seating tickets available.’
    • ‘Phase two ‘A’ would see the away terracing demolished, replaced by similar stand taking capacity to 8,900.’
    • ‘Today The Shed, on the site of that notorious terracing, is a restaurant beneath a swish hotel.’
    • ‘Field tickets give access to the open terracing of the stadium.’
    • ‘The Taylor Report recommended the phasing out of terracing at all league grounds in England and Scotland, the removal of perimeter fences, and the employment of a safety officer and trained stewards at every league ground.’
    • ‘Spartans point out that they are building a new grandstand, but for league status, they would also need floodlights, disabled toilets, catering facilities, terracing, better access and countless other such improvements.’
    • ‘The existing West Stand at Huntington Stadium, currently covered terracing, would be turned into a 1,537 all-seater stand with new food kiosks built.’
    • ‘The grandstand's terracing now provides more space for spectators to view the racing.’