Definition of terraced roof in English:

terraced roof


  • A flat roof, especially the roof of an Indian or Eastern house that is used as a cool resting area.

    • ‘Unlike what you see here in the United States, most houses in Gujarat (and most of India) will have a terraced roof, i.e., a flat roof with stairs leading up to it, either from inside the house or from the outside.’
    • ‘A tiled roof is almost as cool, and not nearly so heavy, as a terraced roof; and if properly constructed is much more durable and fire-proof than a thatched one.’
    • ‘After this introduction, visitors are encouraged to stroll on the terraced roof, where views of the Kawerau Gorge are framed under the translucent canopy floating overhead.’
    • ‘Terraced roofs have a further great advantage over thatched roofs in that they are fire-proof.’
    • ‘Clark could catch glimpses of terraced roofs beyond.’