Definition of terraced in English:



  • 1British (of a house) forming part of a continuous row.

    ‘a two-bedroom terraced cottage’
    • ‘Managers at the Victory Day Nursery want to relocate to a three-storey terraced house in Cambridge Road while their premises in Battersea Park Road undergoes redevelopment.’
    • ‘Other members said allowing the conversion would ‘free up’ a terraced house in the village which the applicant owned, thus providing a young couple or family with the chance to gain affordable housing.’
    • ‘Planning consultant Peter Torrible, acting for Barratt and Wilcon, said the South Milford development would be a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, and apartments.’
    • ‘Dickie Best has lived in the same modest terraced house on the same working-class estate for the past 50 years.’
    • ‘Six of the houses would be affordable low-cost homes, with the remainder a mix of two and four-bedroom houses and semi-detached and terraced housing.’
    • ‘About 100 terraced houses in Vincent Street, Hampshire Street and Wiltshire Street will be demolished and new football pitches, plus two floodlit artificial pitches, will be built on the site.’
    • ‘I lived at No 30 Victoria Street, a two-storey Edwardian red-brick terraced house, from 1997 until late in 2003.’
    • ‘Firefighters had to don breathing apparatus when they went into the terraced house, where they finally found a fridge was leaking ammonia, a colourless gas with a pungent smell, which is also toxic, corrosive and explosive in air.’
    • ‘The school office would no longer be crammed into a neighbouring terraced house and the school day would change from a six-period, 8.30 am to 1.30 pm day to a more traditional timetable.’
    • ‘It used to be a down-at-heel area in the city's eastern suburbs, but today its rows of Victorian terraced houses, once populated by working families with noisy children, are the exclusive preserve of the nouveau riche.’
    • ‘He said his extended family had been living together in a terraced house in Bradford since 1964 and they now wanted to move out of cramped living conditions and move into a more spacious home where their family could continue to grow.’
    • ‘From the proceeds of a year on Broadway as Salieri in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus, he bought a riverside terraced house in Limehouse, within sight of both Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge.’
    • ‘The comedian, who celebrated his 100th birthday at his home in Hollywood four weeks ago, was born in the terraced house in Craighton Road, Eltham, on May 29, 1903.’
    • ‘It's a little terraced house, built in the early 19th century and remodelled during the first world war for W J Bassett-Lowke, the toymaker celebrated for his model ships.’
    • ‘Mrs Little said the average price of a two-bedroom terraced house in Swindon was now £110,000 and a three-bedroom house in the town centre was about £150,000.’
    • ‘There is now a shortage of properties in Bolton, particularly two-bedroom terraced houses,’ he said.’
    • ‘Tracy's partner, Daniel McDaid, 35, spent hours putting up around 300 lights on the front of the terraced house in Heys Lane, Blackburn, on Monday night.’
    • ‘One of the main problems is that many of these urban terraced houses only have access to the garden area through the house.’
    • ‘But in 1999, he returned to Glasgow, moving into the top flat of what had been the family's home in Bank Street - a faded terraced house in the heart of the city's student area.’
    • ‘The riverside terraced house where Christopher Wren used to live is now neighbour to the Cardinal Wolsey pub (book your Christmas party here) and a traffic-clogged roundabout.’
  • 2(of land) having been formed into terraces.

    • ‘This beautiful new resort has landscaping, which integrates terraced lawns, geometric pools and pavilions.’
    • ‘This woody, hilly temperate land with occasionally steep, sometimes even terraced vineyards of limestone and clay is ideal for the production of relatively delicate, fruity white wines.’
    • ‘Today the ancient terraced fields edged with black rock have been carefully restored.’
    • ‘The terrain near Alicante is quite nice with terraced olive groves on the mountainsides and orange groves in the valleys.’
    • ‘A livelihood is eked out from terraced plots, but every available patch of land is farmed.’
    • ‘In Bhutan, cows and yaks graze, rice and wheat grow, and people live up and down terraced land that seems to kiss endless blue sky above and melt into pristine waters below.’
    • ‘Where land is life, highlanders turn mountainsides into terraced fields.’
    • ‘The islands are mostly terraced right to the top; it looks gorgeous but it means that every bit of land is being farmed.’
    • ‘Pimalai's architecture is reminiscent of a Balinese hideaway with its pavilions, pools and terraced lawns stepping down towards the beachfront Rak Talay restaurant.’
    • ‘He suggests reloading denuded slopes with soil and terraced cultivation to arrest soil erosion.’
    • ‘A circular wall surrounding the terraced parking area may feature the municipal emblems of Baffin communities.’
    • ‘Waiting for the bus, he looked out across terraced fields, at men, alone or in groups, standing on embankments between fields of paddy.’
    • ‘The pear-shaped island consists of lowlands and terraced limestone plains.’
    • ‘The green terraced fields and the smoke coming from the kitchen chimneys of the cottages below look like a picturesque oil painting.’
    • ‘Behind every green hill there's another hill, with eucalyptus groves and banana trees and terraced fields of sweet potato and manioc and corn.’
    • ‘When I awake hours later, mercifully Chongqing has disappeared and the Yangtze is flowing through attractive, verdant hills dotted with banana plantations and yellow terraced fields.’
    • ‘He said the authority would ask the government for permission to redevelop an abandoned slope off the forecourt of the temple and turn it into a four-level terraced site.’
    • ‘Already, Glover has started clearing one of his hillsides and developing contoured fields similar to the terraced strips of land the Hmong worked in the mountains.’
    • ‘We passed farmers working their terraced fields of potatoes and hops.’
    • ‘The terraced landscaping on the entrance from the Tullow Road detracts the eye from some poor rear boundaries to dwellings on this entrance.’