Definition of terminal moraine in English:

terminal moraine


  • A moraine deposited at the point of furthest advance of a glacier or ice sheet.

    • ‘Long Island is actually the terminal moraine resulting from this glacier.’
    • ‘Fens tended to form on or near the base of terminal moraines left behind by the retreat of glaciers.’
    • ‘Ages of glacier advances can be estimated by dating plant remains in lateral and terminal moraines, or by determining the age of trees or lichens growing on the moraines.’
    • ‘At favoured sites (such as Loch Muick in Scotland), the submerged terminal moraines from the last phase of glacial retreat can be recognized.’
    • ‘The nature reserve was on the former site of a gravel works, from which hundreds of tonnes of terminal moraine had been plundered to construct the network of dual carriageways that criss-crossed the Westingshire countryside.’