Definition of tercentenary in English:



  • The three-hundredth anniversary of a significant event.

    ‘events arranged to mark the Library's tercentenary’
    ‘the conference celebrates the tercentenary of the Scottish architect William Adam’
    • ‘The acknowledged stimulus to writing this book was the tercentenary of Peter the Great's visit to England in 1696.’
    • ‘And, of course, the tercentenary of the 1709 migration is only a few years away.’
    • ‘In 1968, a sixth prize was added, in Economics, donated by the Bank of Sweden to celebrate its tercentenary.’
    • ‘An exhibition mounted to celebrate the tercentenary of the college is on view until April 1 at the Yale University Art Gallery.’
    • ‘In May 2007, the next Scottish election will coincide with the tercentenary of the Treaty of Union.’
    • ‘They chose as their theme the tercentenary of chemical industries in America.’
    • ‘This year is a special year for Methodists as it is the tercentenary of John Wesley's birth.’
    • ‘In addition, the Club's promoters wanted to ensure that Gilbert's place in the history of English science was appreciated and that the tercentenaries of his book and death were observed appropriately.’
    • ‘The tercentenary of the creation of Khalsa has given us a lot to think and ponder about.’


  • Relating to a three-hundredth anniversary.

    ‘his tercentenary year’
    • ‘The focal point of the tercentenary celebrations will take place in Germany - the battalion's current base - next Saturday, when it will receive new colours from the present Duke of Wellington.’
    • ‘In 1916 he was knighted on the stage of Drury Lane at the conclusion of a special, tercentenary performance of Julius Caesar.’
    • ‘Gilbert was more celebrated in his tercentenary year than he will be today.’