Definition of terawatt in English:


(also TW)


  • A unit of power equal to one million million (10¹²) watts.

    • ‘In energy terms, that amounts to 950 terawatts of latent heat, which is 73 times more energy than that deployed by all humanity across the globe.’
    • ‘The result is typically several tens of terawatts of carbon-free energy will be required by the end of the century.’
    • ‘It is responsible for 16 per cent of Poland's supplies and its annual energy sales are said to be in excess of 16 terawatt hours.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues ran simulations of the impact of windmills generating at least 2 terawatts of energy - about as much electricity as the world uses now.’
    • ‘Now two terawatts is a lot of power, it's roughly the size of the electricity generating capacity of the United States, so we tend no to run it for very long otherwise the bill would be horrific.’
    • ‘A terawatt is 1 billion watts, a quantity of energy that would otherwise require more than 500 nuclear reactors or thousands of coal-burning plants.’