Definition of tenurially in English:



  • See tenurial

    • ‘Silkby was probably always a hamlet which was economically, tenurially, and administratively dependent on its larger neighbour of Willoughby.’
    • ‘The phraseology suggests that Henley, although tenurially still linked with Benson, was increasingly seen as a distinct outlier with its own boundaries.’
    • ‘Both Deanshanger and Puxley were ecclesiastically and tenurially dependent upon Passenham in 1086.’
    • ‘In other words, as the absolute proprietors of land they made, tenurially a second permanent settlement with the lease-holders under more or less the same terms and conditions as their own settlement with the government.’
    • ‘The holdings on the west bank of the Witham were tenurially distinct from the Richmond fee, and, indeed, the two halves of the town were not constituted as a single borough until Boston was incorporated in 1545.’