Definition of tentage in English:



mass noun
  • Tents collectively.

    • ‘As a result our equipment is largely man-portable, including med kits and tentage that will allow us to treat people under cover in remote locations.’
    • ‘British troops found American kit - especially winter clothing and tentage - superior to their own.’
    • ‘Do the TV companies and the celebrities have any idea how difficult it is to organise food, water, tentage and many other aspects of setting up a camp in the middle of nowhere, let alone the difficulties of moving the animals?’
    • ‘Added to that the venture has a 50000 sq ft events centre and temporary tentage.’
    • ‘Future UK support for Katrina's victim will be led by the Ministry of Defence and The Department for International Development who will be looking at the provision of military tentage blankets, tarpaulins and camp beds.’
    • ‘In the American Civil War, textile shortages again hampered the Quartermaster Department's efforts to procure tentage.’
    • ‘The cargo and passenger areas of these vehicles normally are fully stuffed with related equipment, such as camouflage netting, fire extinguishers, and tentage.’