Definition of tennis shoe in English:

tennis shoe


  • A light canvas or leather soft-soled shoe suitable for tennis or casual wear.

    • ‘He was also wearing a black leather cap and white tennis shoes.’
    • ‘I looked down and kicked a pebble with my tennis shoe.’
    • ‘She tied her blue and white tennis shoe as the school bus drove up in front of her house.’
    • ‘She was wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt.’
    • ‘He looked under his bed for the missing tennis shoe.’
    • ‘He wore black tennis shoes with dull white laces.’
    • ‘Debbie finished tying her tennis shoe.’
    • ‘She heard the squeak of a tennis shoe next to her.’
    • ‘Often she wore colourful T-shirts and tennis shoes to work.’
    • ‘She had been unable to cope with the humiliation of having to wear a worn out pair of tennis shoes to school.’
    • ‘I was so glad I had my own bowling shoes, which really looked like normal tennis shoes.’
    • ‘It was the most technically advanced tennis shoe of its time.’
    • ‘I just wish Jack hadn't worn those shorts and tennis shoes.’
    • ‘When it comes to footwear, tennis shoes and sandals are forbidden.’
    • ‘She shut the door closed and took off her tennis shoe.’
    • ‘She scuffed the ground with the toe of her tennis shoe.’
    • ‘I abandoned my little white tennis shoes for sandals.’
    • ‘She wore tennis shoes that were good for running.’
    • ‘Liz pulled on some new socks and comfortable tennis shoes.’
    • ‘She stopped to re-tie her tennis shoe.’
    training shoe, running shoe, sports shoe, plimsoll
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tennis shoe