Definition of tennies in English:


plural noun

North American
  • Tennis shoes.

    • ‘She'd already changed her heels for tennies and slipped pants on instead of her skirt.’
    • ‘Lace up your tennies and hit the trail.’
    • ‘I yanked on some jeans, a red tee and my tennies, and set out.’
    • ‘We splashed our tennies in the puddles.’
    • ‘He's wearing torn khaki shorts and beat-up tennies, without socks.’
    • ‘I dropped the plastic sheath on the floor and accidentally stepped on it with my tennies.’
    • ‘You can't wait to get home and slide into your tennies.’
    • ‘She sometimes wore her tennies with evening wear.’
    • ‘They wore baggy sweats and clutched towel-wrapped tennies under their arms.’
    • ‘I sighed, dropping my gaze to my scuffed-up tennies.’