Definition of tenge in English:


nounPlural tenges

  • 1The basic monetary unit of Kazakhstan, equal to 100 teins.

    • ‘They began auctions in Kazakh tenges and Byelorussian roubles for Russian roubles.’
    • ‘The total sum will be at about 108 billions tenges.’
    • ‘A tax court fined the paper 57 million tenges for not paying sales tax for two years.’
    • ‘Parties, which can each field 10 candidates, will have a spending cap of 99 million tenges.’
    • ‘The state budget received 60 billion tenges of taxes for the legalized properties.’
    • ‘The average annual per capita income is just 47,795 Kazakhstan tenges.’
    • ‘A fare in a taxi to the city is 150-300 tenges.’
    • ‘Of this sum, 3 billion tenges is intended for health monitoring among the local population over a period of three years.’
    • ‘His colleague spent a day behind bars for the flat refusal to pay a fine of 50,000 tenges.’
    • ‘Average monthly salaries have been estimated to be roughly equivalent to 31,500 tenges.’
    • ‘The average wage totalled 45,700 tenges.’
  • 2A monetary unit of Turkmenistan, equal to one hundredth of a manat.


Kazakh and Turkmen, literally ‘coin, rouble’.